dimanche 11 mars 2012


Launching at Paris Fashion Week, French Organic T-Shirt brand O.M.P.E have partnered with London based creative agency Haiti 73 to create "Best Of London"."Best Of London" is an exciting mix of savvy London street style and Parisian chic. Commissioning artists, Hassan Hajjaj, Blaize Simon, Dan Witchell at Proud Creative, Malika Favre for Airside, Haiti 73 as curated a diverse mix of design talent. Using O.M.P.E's organic, fairly traded t-shirts as their canvasses, each artist has expressed their unique vision.FutureFrock spoke to O.M.P.E 's Fredric Debenghale about inspiration for the project and what "Best Of London" has brought to his brand.

FF- What inspired you to create an Organic, Fairtrade T-Shirt company?

FD - The inspiration was simple. It was impossible for us (my partner in business Guillaume Lozes and I) to find Fairly Traded, Organic t-shirts that matched our styles. We are both really concerned about environmental issues and sustainable development. Fairtrade partnership is important to us because it is based on improving equity in trade exchanges and we want to take part in this big movement. To us it is essential, vital and urgent to creating a better world.

FF - What has the 'Best of London' collaboration brought to the O.M.P.E brand?

FD - Working with all these artists was an amazing experience for OMPE. In term of creativity, we have learned to adapt, we have challenged and changed our production process and have fostered more flexible working process. I think we have learnt to listen a little bit more. At the very least we have learned to collaborate!

FF - Who is the O.M.P.E Man?

FD - The O.M.P.E Man is open minded, curious and charming. Yet at the same time, all men can relate to him!

FF - What is the best T-Shirt you've ever owned?

FD - One that I have in my head and that will be part of my future collection....

FF - What are the three things not to miss when in Paris?

FD – First, a walk in the 19th district, the best place I believe!. Second, going to take a Sunday brunch at Rosa Bonheur at 2 allée de la cascade 75019. Third, a drink in the evening at the mama shelter. 109, rue de Bagnolet, 75020 Paris, France .

Shoot TeamPhotographer - Hannah Smiles Stylist - Alice Wilby Grooming by Kate O'Reilly Models - Dylan Oakes and Jermaine @ D1 models . Courtney and Didyer @ AMCK models With thanks to 63 Sun Studio in De Beauvoir

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